How It Works

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A data-driven algorithm exploiting recurring mathematical patterns.


The IndexMath algorithm is completely data-driven. It is based wholly on end of trading day analysis of fundamental, recurring and under-researched mathematical patterns in the share prices of the UK’s FTSE All-Share Index (FTAS).


Feeding end of day data through the IndexMath algorithm results in a quantification of the probable near-future sentiment of the FTAS. From this insight, periodic signals are generated which anticipate short to medium term upward or downward/flat trends (with an approx. length of 1 to 20 months) in the FTAS. These signals can also be used to predict similar movement in other stock market indices and investment vehicles which are correlated to the FTAS.


(Note: The FTAS was chosen to be analysed as it offers a large sample of data to work with – currently 600+ constituents. The FTAS aims to represent at least 98% of the full capital value of all UK companies that qualify as eligible for inclusion, and is the aggregation of the FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and the FTSE SmallCap Index.)